Cynthia Ezeh


A few years ago, the website of a university was not of much interest but with the advent of the digital age, especially with the Covid 19 pandemic being a major contributor, a website has become a very valuable resource for any university. This is because it creates the first impression for prospective students and also influence their choices. It is also important that a university website is highly engaging and informative such that it resonates with not just prospective students but with current students and staff.

So, what makes a university website stand out? We will be looking at these three universities and the features that make their website stand out among all others.

1. Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik)

Nnamdi Azikiwe

A federal university located in the capital city of Anambra state; Awka with 14 faculties and multiple campuses. Their website successfully showcases its academics and student’s life. The features that make this university clinch the first position among every other university website in Nigeria is their beautiful responsive design, well organized navigation, colourful CTAs (call to action) icons. These features ensure a great user experience. Their high definition images are quite appealing to view. A visit to this website will have you wishing to be its student already.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University recognises the importance of a good website, with its helpful features and sufficient information, they give immense value to both current and prospective students.

2. Babcock University

Babcock University

Coming second place is this faith based private university located in Ogun state with over 12,000 students.  The university website gives an in-depth knowledge of the school by merely glancing through it. The website is characterized by its colourful CTAs icons. It is also designed in a way that prioritizes its users as it meets their needs through its easy navigation. A virtual tour of the university immerses you in the school captivating experience. There are also testimonials from past and present students.

The Babcock University stands out from other universities as it effectively showcases the school’s prominence in a simple manner. They do so without jam-packing images and loads of texts, yet ultimately creating a design that ensures a positive user experience.

3. American University of Nigeria

Amerian University of Nigeria

Located at Yola, the capital city of Adamawa state is this private university established in the year 2006. It has five faculties. Despite being a relatively small and young university, they have gone on to clinch third place with their highly captivating visuals and exquisite responsive design.  This element of responsive design makes this university website even more special as it looks as great as it is on desktop on mobiles too.

Despite having a smooth navigation that allows users have a great experience, American University of Nigeria website still has admission representative contacts for visitors that will need help or have questions after exploring the site.

Due to the effect of a website on any educational institution, we have modelled the above university websites to serve as source of insight when designing your website. Recordspad Software Company will help eliminate a lot of guesswork in your website development and ensure it has all the required features.